Friday, 15 February 2008

Vuelo Vigo - Londres

I wrote not long ago, about Clickair flying direct to London. Well it seems things are more or less confirmed, with only details to iron out.

After a year and half of meetings between Clickair and Provigo an organisation that promotes Vigo. It has finally been decided to start flights between Vigo and London this summer. With the possibility of flights starting as early as May. But there needs to be a lot of work done to open the route in this short space of time, it would be more realistic to expect a June commencement date.

Clickair will be offering 3-5 flights per week between Peinador and Gatwick airport, with the cost of tickets between 20-80 euros. If Gatwick cannot be secured then there is option for Stansted or Luton.

One of the reasons I think a Vigo-London route has been so long in the coming, lies with the fact there are three other airports within 160km of Vigo that offer flights to London. It will remain to be seen whether there will be enough bums on seats to justify flights between the two cities. One thing is for sure, no doubt time will tell.

There is also talk of opening a route between Vigo and Brussels, as the European Fisheries Commission is setting up shop in Vigo and have been busy over the past year renovating a grand 19th Century buildings along Vigo's "Golden Mile". Now I'm sure all those busy bureaucrats will be bustling there way between Brussels and Vigo before you can "I wish I had thought of subsidising that first..."

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