Saturday, 9 February 2008

What are Tapas : Tapa of the Week / Pan y Queso

Tapas are a defining part of the Spanish culture, encompassing an endless myriad of possibilities, from a simple bowl of crisps, to an elaborate dish, which becomes a meal in itself. Therefore catering for every taste, every diet and every occasion.

Where and how tapas originated is not clear, but it's most likely source is Andalucia; tapa is the Spanish word for lid, here the locals would cover there sherry (an Andalucian forte) with a sliver of ham or slice of bread to keep the flies from enjoying their favourite tipple.

Tapas can come free with the drink you just ordered or from the menu you've just ordered from. They can be an appetiser, a starter or a main. Enjoyed at anytime during the day or night. It's a relaxing, sociable experience.

Tapas are really without definition, they can be something and everything. What is for sure, is that they're a great way to slow the effects of alcohol on the system and if you are out on the town, why not do a tapas crawl and not have to worry about where your going for dinner, only know that dinner is where you've been!

Every week I'll be bringing you the best tapa or tapas I've had on my outings:
This week is one of my favourites, it's a no-frills get back to basics, fresh bread with a slice of local Galician Tetilla a wonderful soft creamy cheese made from cows milk. Cost 0€

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