Monday, 11 February 2008

Bloomin Blossoms in Vigo

We've been having some glorious weather over the past few days and it looks set to continue until the end of the week. It's the type of weather that you would wish for all year round.

The blossoms seem to agree and are starting to show there colours all over the city, although this early blooming isn't unique to Vigo or Galicia, it's seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. If it is due to global warming, then seeing these beautiful flowers in bloom makes it that little harder to see the darker side of the problem.

Hang-on, maybe here in Pontevedra blossoms are suppose to bloom at this time and if so, I can lift my head out of the dark shadow of global warming and breathe a deep blossom scented sigh of relief.

Will keep you posted...

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