Friday, 27 June 2008

Plaza de la Constitucion

Plaza de la Constitucion lies within Vigo's historic quarter, only a short walk from the marina. This attractive 16th century Plaza is the largest of four to be found within the old town and is the principle site for all major festivities held throughout the year, such as the "Reconquista"

The buildings surrounding Plaza de la Constitucion are all characteristically Galician in style and built with local granite, which is found in abundance in the surrounding area. Nearly every window has its own balcony which normally has flowering plants as there is little room for anything else.

There are seven cafeterias/bars situated in the Plaza, all have outside seating and all but two of them have Soportales, (arched walkways) which allow for outside seating if the weather is a touch inclement.

Plaza de la Constitucion is a great spot and is close to the cruise terminal as well as the main shopping area of Principe. It never gets that busy so you are always guaranteed of a table. All in all a very pleasant place to go and get away from the present and step into the past.