Friday, 15 October 2010

Two boys and a camera

Having been doing far to many other important things lately, rather than writing in this blog. I have once again been neglecting my writing duties and I see that it has been months since my last entry.

A month or so back little W came up to me and said.

"Daddy, here is your camera"

"Where did you find it?" I asked.

"On the table" he replied.

"Where I left it?" I inferred.

"Yes!" he said with pride.

Upon the conclusion of the conversation he holds the camera with outstretched arms and as I reach out to take it from him, he lets go and before I have a firm hold, the camera falls to the parquet floor lens first ("oopps" he said.) with a cringing crack.

Now, this is not the first time the camera has been dropped, it has been dropped on numerous occasions but never while it was on and never with the lens out.

I quickly retrieved the camera from the floor, as if this very action might actually prevent the damage that has already been caused but alas the lens has an angle that could be best described as not exactly true.

Surprisingly the camera was still working and the lens would retract, even though it was a bit more of a struggle for the little machine.

I then had the brilliant idea that a little gentle persuasion would encourage the lens to find its true position again and all would then be righted. Unfortunately, this was not to be, as my so called gentle persuasion became rather less gentle as the lens proved more difficult to straighten than anticipated and my gentle persuasion had descended down the evolutionary ladder to brute force.

This extra applied pressure resulted in a best to be described as "SNAPPING" sound, which resulted in the lens taking on a mind of its own, depending on the angle at which you held the camera.

Our conversation resumes...

"Camera broken Daddy?" he implied.

"Yes W, camera broken" I replied.

"Daddy broke it?" he asked.

"Yes W, Daddy broke it" I replied.

"Daddy naughty...." he said with conviction.

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Luh said...

Precious, Brendan, your conversation with your son. Thinking fond memories of our wonderful tour with you. Love both your blogs!
Cheers from Cozumel!