Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Coia Marathon for Kids

Today was the annual Coia Marathon for Kids. R and W competed in the 3-4 yr old category.

R was able to finish the demanding 200m course under his own steam.

While poor W, who was swamped at the start line by overprotective parents, (trying to get their child into the best possible position prior to the starting hooter) lost his confidence and had to be guided around the course by Mummy's loving hand.

Both boy's received a medal and a bag of goodies!

After the marathon it was off to the local cafeteria for a much deserved Spanish Omelette for R and Chocolates for W.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brendan! How are you? How is your mother? I hope she is well. Enjoy your stay at your home. I miss your classes though I can´t tell you even half the things I'd like to say.
Manuel Comesaña

Brendan said...

Hi Manuel, I've just found your comment! Hopefully see you this week. New Zealand was great!

Anthea said...

Just found this blog post. I remember R and his love of Spanish omelette. Pity about the camera.