Thursday, 10 June 2010

Visitors other than my parents!

My aunty and uncle were over staying with us last week. They visited us at the end of a 5 week holiday where they had been travelling through Sweden as part of a Rotary International group. They then spent 10 days travelling the Danube to Budapest before catching a plane and winging their way to little old Vigo, thus becoming our second visitors from New Zealand other than my parents. The other being an old friend who came to see us after completing the pilgrimage to Santiago from London by bicycle.

We enjoyed 7 short days of catchup, after nearly 7 years of virtualy nil contact,it was great to see them. It was interesting to watch R & W's reaction to these strangers. R's observation "Daddy they speak English!" or to William, who at first thought they were Grandma & Grandpa and then couldn't fathom out why they hadn't brought Xmas presents like Grandma & Grandpa and was most pertubed after extensive searching of the room, that there were none.

Here's a photo of the boys new summer look...the number 2...

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