Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What to do in Vigo on a winters day...

...go to the beach of course.

I took this photo on a Sunday afternoon down at Playa Smail. This isn't something that happens every weekend, this type of weather in winter is very unseasonal for Galicia.

To the left of the photo, just out of the picture is a two kilometre promenade on which every family and their carry dog were out for 'un paseo' the traditional Spanish walk, taken after the big lunch and siesta.

The promenade has everything, cafes, bars, restaurants swimming pools, playgrounds and picnic areas in a lovely wooded setting. Buy yourself an ice-cream and join the locals in this afternoon ritual and you'll know a little more about what it is to be Spanish.


M.C.F. said...

From New Zealand to Vigo!
This is a fun blog! I'd love to visit New Zealand...I have this obsession to go to Dunedin since I saw it on TV when I was studying in Murcia.

Hugz from the US

Brendan said...

Thank you for the compliment!

Dunedin, down in the deep dark south! Beautiful town and lovely people, I'd say go!
A Dunedin obsession from Murcia, now that's a strange mix! :)